The SBTi framework for financial institutions aims to support FIs in their efforts to address climate change by providing resources for science-based target setting. The framework includes target setting methods, criteria, a target setting tool, and this guidance document. This guidance document includes the following:
● Business case for setting science-based targets (SBTs);
● Guidance for FIs to use the target validation criteria and recommendations, target setting methodologies and tools to prepare targets for submission to the SBTi for approval;
● Case studies from global financial institutions on their application of target setting methods;

●Recommendations about how FIs can communicate their science-based targets, as well as how
they aim to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the real economy through the
implementation of their targets; and
● Recommendations on steps that FIs can take to achieve their targets, building on the
understanding that setting targets is only one of various steps (high-level commitments,
measuring financed emissions, scenario analysis, target setting, enabling action, reporting) that
FIs need to take to ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the real economy


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